10th International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence

The 10th International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence was jointly provided by the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC) and the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM). The conference was co-chaired by K. Rivet Amico, PhD (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA) and Michael J. Mugavero, MD, MHSc (University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, USA).

As the Co-Chairs indicated in their Welcome Letter to conference delegates:

“This conference marks a decade of coming together from around the world to share, support, and sustain scientific advances towards fully leveraging available behavioral and biomedical treatments to promote health and well-being of people affected by and those living with HIV.”

The conference provided a forum where the state-of-the-science for HIV treatment and biomedical prevention adherence research was presented, discussed, and translated into evidence-based approaches. The conference also allowed healthcare and human service professionals to examine scientifically sound and practical strategies to enhance adherence to HIV treatment and biomedical prevention interventions in a variety of domestic and international settings.

Following are conference presentations. The conference organizers request that any use of these presentations should include citations to both their presenting authors and relevant conference information (e.g., 10th International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence, June 28-30, 2015, Miami).

The conference was made possible through institutional support from IAPAC and the Humanitas Foundation; commercial support from AbbVie, Gilead Sciences, and Merck & Co.; and corporate sponsorship from ViiV Healthcare.


SUNDAY, June 28, 2015


PANEL – High-Impact Technology: Closing the Gaps in the Continuum of HIV Care
Moderator: Jane M. Simoni, PhD
Panelists: Heidi Crane, MD; Ann Kurth, PhD, CNM, MPH; Patrick Sullivan, PhD, DVM; Sean Young, PhD, MS

PANEL – Preview of the 2015 IAPAC Guidelines for the Optimization of the HIV Care Continuum
Moderator: Benjamin Young, MD, PhD
Presenter: Julio S.G. Montaner, MD
Panelists: Ann Kurth, PhD, CNM, MPH; Celso Ramos, MD, MSc; James D. Scott, MEd, PharmD; Anna Zakowicz, MA, MIH

José M. Zuniga, PhD, MPH
K. Rivet Amico, PhD
Michael J. Mugavero, MD, MHSc
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Implementation Science: Identifying Real-World Strategies to Optimize the HIV Care Continuum

Quarraisha Abdool Karim, PhD

PANEL – Perspectives on the Cascade of Care: How Does it Resonate with Affected Communities?
Moderator: Phill Wilson
Panelists: Vanessa Johnson, JD; Kenly Sikwese; Anna Zakowicz, MA, MIH


MONDAY, June 29, 2015

KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Doing the Right Thing, in the Right Place, at the Right Time: Focusing HIV Efforts and Resources to End AIDS
Ambassador Deborah L. Birx, MD

PLENARY – Addressing the Role of Stigma, Discrimination, and Punitive Laws in Disrupting the HIV Care Continuum
Jason Sigurdson, MPA, LLB



34 – Effect of Peer Mentoring to Improve Retention in HIV Care and HIV Viral Load in Hospitalized, Out-of-Care Patients

Thomas Giordano presenting

132 – Delivery of Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Support Services by HIV Care Providers in the United States
John Weiser Presenting

174 – Evidence that PrEP can “Do More”: Synergistic Effects on Primary Care, Insurance Status, and Mental Health

Sarit Golub presenting



SESSION 1 – Perspectives and Performance of Care Engagement

223 – The Impact of Care Coordination Services on HIV Care Outcomes among Formerly Incarcerated Individuals in Virginia

Anne Rhodes presenting

109 – Improved Care Engagement and Viral Load Suppression among HIV Care Coordination Clients with Poor Mental Health, Unstable Housing, and Substance Use at Baseline

Stephanie Chamberlin presenting

201 – Client Perspectives on the HRSA/SPNS Systems Linkage and Access to Care Initiative Interventions: “People are better off Having Services Like That Available”

Kimberly Koester presenting

170 – Project ACCEPT: Acceptability of a Behavioral Intervention to Promote Engagement in Care for Youth Newly Diagnosed With HIV

Diana Lemos presenting


SESSION 2 – Innovations in ART Adherence Measurement

42 – Experiences of Wisepill-Facilitated HIV Disclosure in Rural Southwestern Uganda

Emily Pisarski presenting

179 – Co-Calibration of Two Validated, Self-Reported Measures of ART Adherence in the CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS) Research Network and STTR Consortium

Heidi Crane presenting

210 – Feasibility and Acceptability of Hair-and Dried Blood Spot-Derived ARV Biomarkers as Objective Measures of Treatment Adherence in South Africa

Reuben Robbins presenting

241 – Utility of Dried Blood Spot-Derived ARV Biomarkers as an Objective Measure of Treatment Adherence in South Africa

Patricia Warne presenting


SESSION 3 – PrEP Dissemination and Implementation

184 – “Kiki with your Doctor?!?” Developing a Novel Social-Media Based Linkage-to- Care Intervention for Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) and Transgender (TG) Individuals in New York City

Viraj Patel presenting

41 – HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Capacity, Experience, Knowledge, Attitudes, and Barriers among a National Sample of US Primary Care Providers and HIV Providers

Andrew Petroll presenting

114 – Familiarity with and Preferences for Oral versus Long-Acting Injectable PrEP in a Nationally Representative US Sample of Gay and Bisexual Men

Jeffrey Parsons presenting

118 – All Science is Local: Engaging Communities to Enable Successful Implementation of Antiretroviral Prevention Strategies

Jessica Terlikowski presenting


SESSION 4 – Re-Engagement Interventions across Contexts

17 – Re-linkage and Retention in Care of HIV-Diagnosed Persons Presumed to be Out-of-Care Based on New York City HIV Surveillance Data

Chi-Chi Udeagu presenting

161 – Short-Term Navigation Can Lead to Successful Re-Engagement of Out-of-Care Patients with HIV: Results of San Francisco’s LINCS Navigation Program

Erin Antunez presenting

30 – Out-of-Care PLHIV in St. Petersburg, Russia, Can be Located and Successfully Reached in the Community Through their Social Network Connections

Yuri Amirkhanian presenting

176 – Personal Outreach by a Trained Social Worker is an Effective Intervention to Re-Engage Patients with HIV in Care

Lauren Richey presenting


SESSION 5 – ART Adherence Potpourri

19 – Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of the Adherence Improving Self- Management Strategy (AIMS) Delivered in HIV Care

Marijn de Bruin presenting

39 – Meanings of SMS Reminders for Adherence Support among Adults Initiating ART in Rural Southwestern Uganda

Norma Ware presenting

214 – Multi-Level Barriers to Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) Adherence among Hijra-/Thirunangai-Identified Trans Women in India: A Qualitative Investigation

Divya Ravi presenting

51 – Binge Drinking Decreases Weekend Adherence in an RCT from Low-/ Middle-Income Countries

Raquel de Boni presenting


SESSION 6 – Implementation Science in Biomedical HIV Prevention

183 – Diffusion 0f HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis into Specialist and Primary Care: A Qualitative Study with Primary Care Providers

Douglas Krakower presenting

10 – Feasibility of Providing HIV Post- Exposure Prophylaxis Starter Kits in New York City Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics

Emily Westheimer presenting

74 – Significant Uptake of Truvada for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Utilization in the US in 2014

Staci Bush presenting

189 – Impact of Option B on Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in Rwanda: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis

Monique Abimpaye presenting



Why Do Individuals Behave as They Do Across the HIV Care Continuum?

Moderator: Dianne M. Rausch, PhD
Panelists: Jason Farley, PhD, MPH, CRNP; Robert Remien, PhD; Jane M. Simoni, PhD

Community Efforts to Improve the HIV Care Continuum

Dazon Dixon Diallo, MPH

Policy, National Programs, and Structural Strategies to Ease Transitions between Pillars in the HIV Care Continuum

Moderator: Benjamin Young, MD, PhD
Panelists: José A. Bauermeister, MPH, PhD; Bich Dang, MD; Glen Pietrandoni, RPh


PANEL – Data to Care: Leveraging Public Health Partnerships Across the HIV Care Continuum
Moderator: Patrick Sullivan, PhD, DVM
Presenter: Eugene McCray, MD
Panelists: Julia Dumbrowski, MD, MPH; Jorge Saavedra, MD; Baligh Yehia, MD, MPP, MHSP



SESSION 7 – The “Big Picture” Epidemiological Approaches to the Care Continuum

259 – Diminishing “Clinic Viral Load” in a Nationally Distributed Cohort in the United States: What’s Adherence Got to Do with It?

Jane Simoni presenting

216 – Feasibility of Using HIV Care Continuum Outcomes to Identify Geographic Areas for HIV Testing

Amanda Castel presenting

20 – Retention in HIV Care among a Commercially Insured Population, 2006-2012

Kathy Byrd presenting

68 – The Paradox of Retention

Daniel Feller presenting


SESSION 8 – Psychosocial and Cognitive Correlates of ART Adherence

206 – Association between Alcohol and Substance Use Severity and Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Adherence over time in a Nationally Distributed Cohort of Patients in Care across the United States

Heidi Crane presenting

182 – Depressive Symptoms Mediate HIV-Related Physical Symptoms on Adherence to Antiretroviral Medications

Moka Yoo presenting

204 – The Impact of Disclosure on Adherence in HIV-Infected Adolescents in Botswana: A Longitudinal Study

Harriet Okatch presenting

116 – The Role of Neurocognitive Functioning in the Day-Level Association between Substance Use and Medication Adherence among HIV-Positive Gay and Bisexual Men

H. Jonathon Rendina presenting


SESSION 9 – Linkage and Retention: Global Perspectives

175 – Quantifying Variability in Missed Pharmacy Visits among HIV-Infected Patients after Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy in Zambia

Nancy Czaicki presenting

57 – The MSM HIV Care Cascade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rodolfo Castro presenting

177 – Social Support through Observational Trial Participation among HIV Patients in Southwest Uganda

Bridget Burns presenting

199 – Age Matters: Inconsistent HIV Care among Adolescents and Young Adults in Nigeria

Aimalohi Ahonkhai presenting


TUESDAY, June 30, 2015

PLENARY – 90:90:90 – Reinforcing Adherence as a Touchstone to Achieving 90% Viral Suppression
Steve Morin, PhD

PLENARY – Closing Quality and Relevance Gaps: Harnessing Technology to Facilitate HIV Care Scale-Up
Reuben Granich, MD, MPH



SESSION 10 – Linkage and Retention: Domestic (US) Perspectives

26 – From Their Own Perspectives, Why Are Out-of-Care HIV-Infected African American MSM Out of Care?

Jeffrey Kelly presenting

8 – Clinical and Behavioral Characteristics in US HIV-infected Young Adults

Linda Beer presenting

21 – Most Accurate Data Sources for Obtaining Contact Information on Adults Diagnosed with HIV for Public Health Purposes

Stanley Wei presenting

1 – HIV Care Measured Over Multiple Time Periods Varies by Race and Ethnicity

Michael Horberg presenting


SESSION 11 – Facilitating ART Adherence: Individual, System, and Technology Interventions

193 – The Effect of Antidepressant Treatment on HIV and Depression Outcomes: Results from the SLAM DUNC Randomized Controlled Trial

Brian Pence presenting

205 – Antiretroviral Prescription Delivery for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in Alabama: Do Mailed Medications with Enhanced Pharmacy Services affect Biologic Outcomes?

Will Rutland presenting

87 – SMS Interventions to Improve Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Jessica Haberer presenting

171 – Engagement is Key to Effectiveness of Individualized Texting for Adherence Building (iTAB) Among HIV-Positive Methamphetamine Users

David Moore presenting


SESSION 12 – Large-Scale Programs to Enhance Individual and Public Health Outcomes

33 – Adherence to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) among Gay and Bisexual Men: Prevalence and Predictors of Missed Doses

Thomas Whitfield presenting

188 – Low Adherence in Vaginal Microbicide Gel Trials? Opinions of Former Trial Participants on Improving Adherence

Lori Miller presenting

104 – Intentions to Initiate PrEP among Gay and Bisexual Men are Driven by Demographic Factors, Sexual Risk, and Perceptions of Providers: Results from a Nationally Representative Sample

H. Jonathon Rendina presenting

244 – “I Am Not a Man”: Trans-Specific Barriers and Facilitators to PrEP Acceptability among Transgender Women

Jae Sevelius presenting



SESSION 1 – Multiple Layers and Dimensions of HIV Adherence

281 – Treatment to Improve Adherence and Depression among People Living with HIV in Zimbabwe

Melanie Abas presenting

287 – Difference in Self-Reported Adherence on Different Recall Intervals over Time Between Males and Females in MACH14 Study

Yan Wang presenting

276 – Predictors of Adherence in Youth with HIV Enrolled in a Prospective Longitudinal Follow-Up Study of a Randomized Advance Care Planning Intervention

Patricia Garvie presenting

289 – Multilevel Factors Contributing to Women’s Entry, Engagement, and Adherence to HIV Treatment and Care

Marcia Holstad presenting


SESSION 2 – Large-Scale Programs to Enhance Individual and Public Health Outcomes

274 – Treatment Refusal in South Africa in an Era of Expanded Antiretroviral Therapy Availability – A Prospective Multi-Site Cohort Study

Ingrid Katz presenting

280 – The HIV Care Continuum for Housing Program Clients and Persons Living with HIV/AIDS Overall, New York City, 2013

Ellen Wiewel presenting

269 – Providing Technical Assistance to Health Departments on the use of HIV Surveillance Data to Improve Health and Prevention

Kathleen Green presenting

282 – Improvements in Retention in Care and Viral Suppression: Results from the First Year of the Medical Care Coordination Program in Los Angeles County

Wendy Garland presenting



Health Financing
Alan Whiteside, DEcon

Public Policy
Jeffrey Crowley, MPH

Legal Barriers
Catherine Hanssens, JD


PLENARY – Developing an “HIV Prevention Cascade”: Current Approaches and Future Directions
K. Rivet Amico, PhD

PANEL – Biomedical HIV Prevention: Adherence Across Diverse Contexts and Cultures
Moderator: Jessica E. Haberer, MD, MS
Presenter: Kenneth Mayer, MD
Panelists: Robert Grant, MD, MPH; Sharon Hillier, PhD; Rafael Mazín, MD, MPH

RAPPORTEUR SESSION – Highlights from Adherence 2015
Michael J. Stirratt, PhD

CLOSING PANEL – A 10-Year Journey Toward a Sustainable System of HIV Prevention and Adherence
Moderators: K. Rivet Amico, PhD; Michael J. Mugavero, MD, MHSc
Panelists: Kenly Sikwese; Julio S.G. Montaner, MD; Anna Zakowicz, MA, MIH; José M. Zuniga, PhD, MPH


2015 Conference Program and Abstracts
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Adherence 2015 Conference Program

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