6th International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence

Antiretroviral therapy can inhibit viral replication and reduce viral load to a point where viral particles are undetectable in the blood of infected individuals. Significant and sustained suppression of HIV replication is associated with improved clinical outcomes. However, these benefits are only tenable when adherence to precise dosing schedules is rigorous and other requirements are closely followed. Partial or poor adherence can lead to the resumption of rapid viral replication, poorer survival rates, and virus mutation to treatment-resistant strains of HIV. Similarly, adherence to antiretroviral-based prevention interventions will be critical to achieving the promise that pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and other biomedical interventions hold to dramatically curb HIV transmission rates among at-risk populations.

Hosted by the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC) and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the 6th International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence is providing a forum where the state-of-the-science for HIV treatment and biomedical prevention adherence research will be presented, discussed, and translated into evidence-based approaches. The 2.5-day program will allow healthcare and human service professionals to examine scientifically sound and practical strategies to enhance adherence to HIV treatment and biomedical prevention interventions in a variety of domestic and international settings.

Following are the presentations delivered at 6th International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence — uploaded daily in real-time. The conference organizers request that any use of these presentations should include citations to both their presenting authors and relevant conference information (e.g., 6th International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence, May 22-24, 2011, Miami).


SUNDAY, May 22, 2011

MEMORIAL LECTURE – The Promise of Testing and Linkage to Care Plus (TLC+) in US Domestic and Global Settings
Wafaa El-Sadr, MD


MONDAY, May 23, 2011

KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Adherence Powers Efficacy: Implications of CAPRISA 004 and iPrEx for Biomedical Prevention
Kenneth H Mayer, MD

PANEL 1 – Improving HIV Treatment Adherence and Outcomes in Specialized HIV and Primary Care Settings

Michael J Mugavero, MD, MHSc
Jean B Nachega, MD, PhD
Melanie Thompson, MD

PLENARY 1 – Three Top-Rated Oral Abstracts

70075 – Defining and Predicting Detection Rates of Intracellular Emtricitabine-Triphosphate (FTC-TP) and Tenofovir-Diphosphate (TDF-DP) in the iPrEx HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Trial
Amico KR presenting

69938 – Impact of Early Retention in Care on Viral Load Suppression among Patients Newly Initiating Outpatient HIV Care
Mugavero MJ presenting

70087 – Patterns of Non-Adherence and Impact on Viral Load among HIV-Positive Patients from the MACH-14 Study
Genberg BL presenting


ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 1 – Biomedical Prevention

69949 – A Novel Breath-Based Technology to Assess Use of Vaginally Applied Products: A Pilot Study
van der Straten A presenting

70095 – Barriers and Facilitators to Pill-Use among MSM at Risk for HIV: Lessons for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Programs in the United States
Liu AY presenting

70014 – What&8217;s Love Got to Do With It? — A Relationship Framework for Research on Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
Ware NC presenting

70065 – An Adherence Intervention to Support HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Adherence in Serodiscordant Couples in Uganda
Psaros C presenting


ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 2 – Care Engagement and Outcomes

70353 – Epidemiology and Subsequent Engagement in Care for a Cohort of Known HIV-Infected Individuals who Undergo Repeat HIV Testing
Astiz M presenting

70063 – Feasibility of a Test and Treat Approach in Routine HIV Care
Giordano TP presenting

70022 – Gaps in HIV Care: An Evaluation of the Association of Gap Length with Virologic and Immunologic Outcomes
Melendez AG presenting

70076 – Appointment Keeping, Medication Adherence, and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with HIV
Erlen JA presenting


ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 3 – Pediatric, Child, and Adolescent Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence

69336 – Adherence to Syrup and Tablet Antiretroviral Therapy in Children Attending an Urban HIV Clinic
Astiz Bagenda A presenting

70094 – Psychosocial Distress and Treatment Failure in HIV-Positive African Youth
Lowenthal ED presenting

70129 – Association between Disclosure of Children&8217;s HIV Infection Status and Adherence
Enejoh VA presenting

69948 – Qualitative Comparison of Barriers to Antiretroviral Medication Adherence among Perinatally and Behaviorally HIV-Infected Youth
Thurston IB presenting


ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 4 – Clinic and Provider Support for Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence

70488 – HIV Treatment Adherence Levels, Patient Literacy, and Health Care Provider-Patient Communication: A Global Survey of 2,035 Adults
Nachega JB presenting

70029 – HIV Provider&8217;s Confidence and Expertise in Treating Depression as a Means of Addressing Antiretroviral Adherence
Bess K presenting

70494 – Impact of Routine Clinical Care Assessment of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) with Same-Day Pre-Visit Provider Reports
Crane HM presenting

69194 – Determination of Optimized Multidisciplinary Care Teams (MDCT) for Maximal Combination Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Adherence
Horberg MA presenting


ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 5 – Antiretroviral Therapy Initiation and Readiness

69222 – A Measure of Treatment Expectancies and Readiness to Predict Uptake of Antiretroviral Therapy
Johnson MO presenting


69940 – HIV Conspiracy Beliefs Predict Subsequent Readiness to Initiate Antiretroviral Therapy
Wald RL presenting


70058 – Predicting the Emergence of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Side Effects: The Role of Psychological Variables
Horne R presenting

69968 – Medication Adherence: A Consensus on Taxonomy
Vrijens B presenting


ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 6 – Determinants of Care Engagement

70077 – Factors Affecting Enrollment of Newly Diagnosed HIV-Positive Persons into ART Services in India: An Observational Cohort Study
Sebastian M presenting

69936 – Why Patients Taking ART in Jos, Nigeria Miss Clinic Visits: A Qualitative Analysis
Awoleye G presenting

69906 – Why Do I Forget My Appointments? Neurocognitive Predictors of Adherence to Outpatient HIV Medical Appointments
Waldrop-Valverde D presenting

69951 – Intimate Partner Violence, Childhood Sexual Abuse, and Implications for Engagment in Care
Schafer KR presenting


TUESDAY, May 24, 2011

PLENARY 2 – Addressing Disparities in HIV Disease, Care, and Outcomes
Kimberly Y Smith, MD, MPH

PLENARY 3 – Sustained Viral Suppression Reduces Risk of Viral Rebound, Independent of Adherence
David R Bangsberg, MD, MPH

CLOSING PLENARY – Current Themes and Future Directions for HIV Adherence Research and Practice
K Rivet Amico, PhD
Michael J Mugavero, MD, MHSc
Jean B Nachega, MD, PhD
Ann Williams, EdD, RNC


ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 7 – Improving Engagement in Care

69965 – Improving Retention in HIV Care through Patient Tracking in Sub-Saharan Africa
Dadem N presenting


69841 – Linkage of Preliminary Reactive Diagnosed Clients to Care and Treatment Services: An Intensive Approach to Initiating and Ensuring Linkage to Care for Preliminary Reactive Diagnosed High Risk Heterosexual African-American Clients in Wards 7 and 8 of DC
Young AT presenting


69986 – Evaluating the Implementation of a Comprehensive Care Coordination Program in New York City (NYC)
Grant YT presenting


ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 8 – Substance Use, Mental Health, and Antiretroviral Adherence

70490 – Alcohol Abuse, Depression and Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-Infected Adults in Africa: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Nachega JB presenting

70064 – Depression – Evidence of its Key Role for ART Adherence in Sub-Saharan Africa
Linnemayer S presenting

69366 – Impact of Executive Function on the Day Level Association of Methamphetamine and Missed Medication
Kowalczyk WJ presenting

70096 – Medication Adherence Outcomes are Mediated by Treatment-Related Changes in Depression among People with HIV in Treatment for Opiate Dependence
O&8217;Cleirigh C presenting


ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 9 – Antiretroviral Treatment Strategies, Adherence, and Outcomes

70365 – Pooled Week 48 Safety, Efficacy, and Adherence Results from ECHO and THRIVE Phase 3 Trials Comparing TMC278 vs EFV in Treatment-Na��ve HIV-1-Infected Patients Receiving FTC/TDF
Elion R presenting

70492 – Adherence Patterns to Raltegravir (RAL)-Based Regimens and Their Influence on Virologic Outcome: A Prospective Cohort Study (RALTECAPS Study)
Parienti JJ presenting

70002 – Adherence is the Major Factor Associated with Virologic Outcomes on a Dual-Class, Dual-Drug Regimen of Raltegravir with a Protease Inhibitor
Gardner EM presenting

69969 – Improving the Estimation of HIV Treatment Efficacy by Combining Structural Nested Mean Models with Pharmacokinetic Models of Antiretroviral Drug Exposure
Vrijens B presenting


ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 10 – Improving Antiretroviral Adherence

69967 – Identification and Assessment of Adherence-Enhancing Interventions: Results of a Literature Review
Vrijens B presenting

70366 – Antiretroviral Adherence Interventions from Randomized Trials using Electronic Monitors of Adherence
Golin CE presenting

69963 – How Treatment Partners Help: Social Analysis of an African Adherence Support Intervention
O&8217;Laughlin KN presenting

70115 – A Culturally Adapted Intervention to Treat Depression and ART Nonadherence on the US-Mexico Border: Feasibility and Initial Results from a Pilot RCT
Simoni JM presenting


ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 11 – Novel Determinants of Antiretroviral Adherence

70101 – Relation of Chronic Disease Treatment Adherence to Antiretroviral (ART) Adherence
Catz SL presenting

69219 – What&8217;s Love Got to Do With It? Relationship Factors and HIV Treatment Adherence
Johnson MO presenting

69952 – Medical Mistrust May Mediate the Relationship of Perceived Discrimination to Treatment Non-Adherence among Latino Men Living with HIV
Bogart L presenting

69220 – Health Care Empowerment and HIV Treatment Adherence
Johnson MO presenting


ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 12 – Antiretroviral Adherence Measurement

70078 – Definitive Medication Adherence Monitoring is Unaffected by Potential Food Interferents
Melker RJ presenting

70356 – Using Prescription Refills May Overstate Actual Adherence Because Patients Fail to Pick Up the Prescriptions That Have Been Filled
Grimes DE presenting

70489 – Pharmacy Refill Data Combined with Self-Report Adherence Questions Improves Prediction of Boosted Protease Inhibitor Regimen Failure
Nguyen H presenting

70018 – Closing the Gap between Practice and Research: Collecting Quality Adherence Data in the Real World
Behforouz HL presenting



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