Document Description

Biological and social vulnerabilities increase the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, in adolescent girls and young women in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region. This “Blueprint to Address the Sexual and Reproductive Health Care and STI/HIV Prevention Needs of Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Latin America and the Caribbean” will provide an overview of the major health care issues faced by this high-risk population and examine the obstacles that reduce access to reproductive and sexual health services. The Blueprint is also meant to guide clinicians and health administrators in the LAC region to consider the most common points of entry into the health care system for this vul-nerable population, and interventions to assure comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care in primary and specialty care settings. Regional health care providers, health administrators, and policy makers in the LAC region may also use this Blueprint to develop a regionally relevant, country-specific plan for decreasing HIV, sexual, and reproductive health risk among adolescent girls and young women.