What Is Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)?

INTRODUCTION The global burden of viral hepatitis is high, with mortality from viral hepatitis similar to HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis (TB), which together make up the top four global infectious diseases.1 2 More than 90% of this burden is due to infections with the hepatitis… Read More

HCV Medications

OVERVIEW Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection causes liver inflammation that can lead to liver problems, including cancer. People who have chronic HCV need medication to treat it. HCV drugs can help clear the virus from the body and ease symptoms. Even if an HCV infection… Read More

U.S. HCV Therapy Guidelines

HEPATITIS C VIRUS TREATMENTS Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection affects millions of people around the world and many people with HCV are also infected with HIV. In recent years, new treatments that directly target HCV have revolutionized care and can cure HCV in many cases.… Read More

HCV Prevention

HOW IS HEPATITIS C VIRUS TRANSMITTED? Hepatitis C virus (HCV) spreads primarily through contact with infected blood. In used syringes, blood contaminated with HCV can be infectious for up to 3 weeks. HCV can survive in dried blood spills for up to 4 days. HCV… Read More

HCV Genotypes

WHAT ARE HEPATITIS C GENOTYPES? There are different strains, or genotypes, of hepatitis C virus (HCV).  Each genotype's genes differ somewhat from one another and can be distinguished by laboratory tests. Different HCV genotypes are more common in some parts of the world. HCV genotypes… Read More

Liver Biopsy

WHAT IS A LIVER BIOPSY? A liver biopsy is the analysis of a very small sample of liver tissue. The sample is examined for signs of scarring, damage, and/or disease. A liver biopsy is the best way to check the condition of the liver. Hepatitis… Read More

HCV Laboratory Tests

Several laboratory (blood) tests are used for hepatitis C virus (HCV). These include liver function tests, HCV viral load, genotype tests, the IL28B genetic test, and blood clotting tests. LIVER FUNCTION TESTS Liver function tests do not measure how the liver functions. Instead, they measure… Read More

HCV Viral Load

WHAT IS VIRAL LOAD? There are two main types of hepatitis C virus (HCV) viral load tests: Qualitative viral load tests determine the presence of HCV RNA (genetic code) in the blood. This type of test is usually used to confirm chronic infection with HCV.… Read More