Fast-Tracking Urban Public Health

In the February 2024 issue of The Parliamentarian, IAPAC and Fast-Track Cities Institute President/CEO, Dr. José M. Zuniga, writes that as the global Fast-Track Cities network prepares to commemorate its 10-year anniversary this year, cities as diverse as Johannesburg, Kingston, London, Mumbai, Sydney, and Toronto “remain steadfast in their priority focus on reaching the last mile towards ending urban HIV and TB epidemics, alongside the elimination of HCV infection by 2030.” He further notes “the Fast-Track Cities network is poised to achieve a wider range of global public health goals. Whether eliminating cervical cancer as a public health threat by 2030, saving 2.5 million lives from breast cancer deaths by 2040, or ensuring a 20% increase in service coverage for mental health conditions by 2030, the network is prepared to redefine urban approaches to myriad health challenges.” Click here to read his article titled, “Fast-Tracking Urban Public Health.”